Three Hours – Four Interactive Stations


Everyone should feel comfortable in the Lore-Agnes-Haus, right from the very beginning. Our team welcomes all guests. All participants will start at the first station together and then break off into smaller groups of 5-7, allowing individuals to experience the remaining three stations more intensely.

The interactive stations cover the following bases:

  • Hello – Çüs!
    Arriving – with everything that we bring with us – our homeland and history – our individuality and our hopes and aspirations.
  • Body Worlds
    This is a forum for any and all questions relating to the body, contraception, puberty. The participants decide what this means exactly.
  • My Worlds
    Which society constraints are we affected by? What role does our religion play for us? What are our norms? What are our boundaries? Do we allow for self-scrutiny? And, what does all of this have to do with love and our choice of partners.
  • What is and is not acceptable?
    How do we picture a good relationship? What are our experiences with relationships. How are our lives unfolding? Additionally: This stations covers everything about sexually transmitted diseases. And last, but not least, some fun quiz questions, some of which about serious issues.