Intercultural Trail to sexual health in Essen

Love-Worlds is an AWO Lore-Agnes-Haus project brought to you by the Information Center for Family Planning, Pregnancy Conflicts and Questions about Sexuality

Why Love-Worlds?

In day-to-day life we are often confronted with questions that are difficult to speak about with family or friends. This includes questions about contraception, family planning, sexuality and even different societal moral ideals. Each of us is constantly challenged by the norms and expectations of both our social environment as well as society in general to take a stand on these topics and others.

Immigrant groups are invited to exchange ideas and deepen their knowledge of these topics in a relaxed setting.

How does Love-Worlds Work?

Love-Worlds offers a dynamic mix of learning and fun and communication and action. Love-Worlds is a program from which everybody can profit, even those with little proficiency in the German language and/or knowledge of the human body. Love-Worlds always takes the cultural and linguistic differences within the participants' social spheres into account.

Each group will be guided along the trail by men and women specially trained for Love-Worlds in the Lore-Agnes-Haus. They themselves have a migrant background and together they speak over 40 languages. They are familiar with the questions, challenges and concerns of immigrants and cultural minorities and appreciate a diversity of experiences and values.

How to contact us

Monday to Thursday:

8am to 4:30pm


8am to 2pm

(Please call in advance for an appointment.)